Silent Paint Remover vs Speedheater, Which Is Better?

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If you are in the market for a paint removal tool, you may be wondering which one to choose. The Silent Paint Remover and the Speedheater are two options that are often compared. Both tools are designed to remove paint without using chemicals, making them a safer and more eco-friendly option. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Silent Paint Remover vs Speedheater and help you decide which one is right for your project.

What is Silent Paint Remover?

Silent Paint Remover

The Silent Paint Remover is a powerful, large, and eco-friendly tool that removes paint and varnish from wood, metal, and masonry surfaces. It uses infrared technology to penetrate the paint layers and loosen the bond between the paint and the surface. Unlike other methods of paint removal that involve hot air heat gun or using harsh chemicals, the Silent Paint Remover works without damaging the surface. It also doesn't emit toxic fumes or chemicals, making it an eco-friendly option.

The Silent Paint Remover is easy to use and requires minimal effort. You simply plug it into an electrical outlet, wait for a few minutes to heat up, and then hold it against the painted surface until the paint bubbles up. You can then scrape off the paint with a putty knife or a scraper. The Silent Paint Remover works on multiple layers of paint in one pass.

What is Speedheater?

SpeedHeater 100

The Speedheater is another type of paint removal tool that uses infrared technology to remove paint from various surfaces. It consists of a heating element, a reflector, and a stand. The heating element emits infrared rays and operates at a higher temperature than the Silent Paint Remover softening the paint, making it easier and quicker to scrape off.

This makes the Speedheater more suited for heavy duty and professional use. 

The reflector directs the heat towards the painted surface, while the stand keeps the tool stable and prevents it from touching the surface.

The Speedheater is easy to use and can remove paint from wood, metal, and concrete surfaces. It works best on larger and fairly flat surfaces, such as doors, cladding, and siding. The Speedheater can also remove several layers of paint in one pass.

Based on the analysis, it appears that Speedheater performs better overall than Silent Paint Remover. It has a higher power consumption, but its heat-up time is slightly faster and it has a more ergonomic handle design.

Additionally, it comes with a scraper and an angle support which takes a lot of pressure away from constantly holding onto it, whereas Silent Paint Remover only includes a scraping tool and a carrying case.

Finally, Speedheater has a higher user rating, and customer reviews are generally more positive. It’s also worth noting that although there are many similarities with the 2 tools, there is some important history and facts to learn before purchase - below.

History of the SpeedHeater

Originally during the 1990's the speedheater infrared paint remover was invented and manufactured in Sweden, and was introduced to the United States market in 2002. It was imported originally by a company called Viking Sales based in New York who decided to change it's name to the Silent Paint Remover.

Some dealers for the device kept the product marketed under it's original name, Speedheater. However in 2006 Viking Sales started manufacturing their own copy product, which looked identical to the original and continued to use the name Silent Paint Remover.

At this time, some dealers ceased dealing with Viking, and decided to go directly to Speedheater Systems in Sweden to purchase the original product with it's original Speedheater name

New Paint Remover Improvements

SpeedHeater and Accessories

Due to the similar appearance and function of the two infrared paint removers, consumers have been confused. However, there are notable differences between the two products.

The original Speedheater has undergone several upgrades since 2002, when it first came to the US; 

  • Shock absorbers were added to stabilize the infrared bulbs, 
  • Higher quality replacement bulbs with more durable options, 
  • Upgraded and strengthened electric power cord.

These additions and improvements enabled the Speedheater to pass international, electrical, and safety testing, achieving Underwriters Laboratory (UL) certification, which no other infrared paint remover has achieved.

Furthermore, the Speedheater has passed independent testing in Sweden for safe removal of old, lead-based paint, which is a significant advantage over high heat guns that release toxic lead fumes.

The Speedheater's infrared rays only need to heat paint to 400 - 600F to lift it from the wood for quick and easy scraping, making it compliant with the U.S. EPA RRP (Renovation, Repair and Painting) safety standard, which prohibits the use of paint removal tools that create lead fumes.

You will also notice some further differences between the Silent Paint Remover and the Speedheater;

  • Speedheater name will be embossed on the metal endplates, yet the Silent Paint Remover just has the word 'heater',
  • Speedheater is the only product to have UL and CE labels,
  • All Speedheater products are manufactured in Sweden, and Silent Paint Remover is made in the United States

There are also further models available with a two bulb design from Viking Sales however, these have not been tested and UL listed.

The New Kid... Cobra

Since 2017, Speedheater Systems released a new additional design of infrared paint remover to the U.S. market, the Speedheater Cobra. The Cobra has a smaller head than the Speedheater 1100, but it can heat and remove paint from wood in less than five seconds. It is also quality and safety tested and has received UL certification.

The Speedheater Cobra is an excellent choice for those more intricate areas that the larger 1100 can't easily get into.

Safely Removing Paint

Speedheater 1100 Paint Removal

When selecting an infrared paint stripper, safety should be a top priority, especially when working indoors with little ventilation and when dealing with lead paint. Along with choosing a high-quality infrared heat stripping product, the type of paint scraper used can make a significant difference.

Speedheater paint scrapers remove paint quickly and efficiently without damaging wood or intricate details, making them a perfect choice for large stripping projects. Unlike other inefficient paint scrapers, Speedheater scrapers allow complete paint removal down to the bare wood in just a few strokes.

In conclusion, the original Speedheater 1100, the Speedheater Cobra, and the Speedheater paint scrapers remain unmatched in terms of quality, efficiency, and safety.

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